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Web Services

All of our web design, development and programming is executed within an SEO framework. Below you’ll find a brief explanation of the web services we provide, your options and how we will handle each project.

Website Design

Rank Central can take care of any of your website design needs. Our designers are at the top of their game and will ensure that your brand is properly and professionally represented on the web. Not only do we provide web design but we also apply basic on-page SEO to your website during the development process as well.

Since every web design project is unique, all you need to do is contact us and so we can discuss the scope of your project, determine your needs and goals and provide you with a very reasonable quote.

WordPress Web Development

Except in special circumstances, we develop websites that are ready made to work under the WordPress Framework. Utilizing WordPress as the website engine makes creating pages, doing website updates and publishing new content a breeze. WordPress is free and it comes packed with many features that not only make using your site easier for users, but also contribute positively to any SEO and marketing endeavours.

WordPress can be integrated into virtually all kinds of websites from local business websites, to eCommerce, website forums, by-and-sell sites and basic blog websites. The opportunities with WordPress are endless and the software is highly recommended not to mention free.

We will plan, implement and customize your WordPress site and ensure all features, functions and necessary plugins are configured and ready for integration into your current website template or new design.

Mobile Responsive Websites

These days there’s virtually no use in having a website to represent your business if it cannot be accessed easily or work properly when accessed by a smart phone. Search engines like Google and Bing strongly suggest that websites are either upgraded or developed to be mobile responsive, which technically means your website should respond to, and display accordingly based on the type of device the user is accessing your website from.

If a user cannot properly access or use your website on a mobile device, they’re going to hit the back button and go to one of your competitors. The push for websites to be responsive is so strong that major search engines have warned webmaster that they may lose rankings if their sites are not upgraded.

We ensure all new designs are programmed to be responsive before we go live with them, and we also provide mobile responsive upgrade services for already existing websites so your site can be up to par.

eCommerce Development

If you’re interested in selling products on the Internet we will help get you started. There are numerous ready-to-install eCommerce software websites available on the Internet for free and for a cost. Most customers usually opt in for using free eCommerce software as most of them offer all the necessary functions needed for an online store to function properly, i.e. credit card/payment processing gateways, SSL capabilities, shipping options, SEO capabilities, free upgrades and more.

If we’re starting an eCommerce site from scratch and you prefer the free model, we usually suggest using osCommerce or WooThemes for WordPress as we’ve had great success using these software packages.

Website Administration and Maintenance

If you’re looking for a professional company to take care of your monthly administration and maintenance tasks we’re happy to assist you. Our team are trained experts in most fields related to the web and can adapt to new environments quite easily.

We have various monthly packages you can subscribe to of which can be tailored to your specific needs. You can contact us for a price list, your website/company name and your general requirements and we’ll respond to you quickly.

For our price list contact us or call us at 1-855-839-9966 and we’ll send it to you promptly.

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