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There Are No SEO Secrets

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Posted by Dave Lauretti on December 7, 2010

Many people, from Burlington, to the GTA, from Ontario and across the world, search out secrets to SEO – they want to be big SEO stars,get websites ranked and be praised for their work.

Well as I’ve told a few people, SEO is no secret – there are no secrets to SEO but there are 4 skills you need and they are as follows:

  1. technical skills and capabilities
  2. the ability to get links back to your website
  3. brilliant writing skills
  4. patience

I stress patience because when it comes to SEO you have to learn how to sit back and look at your site, stare at it and find areas that can be enhanced by your SEO practices. Patience would be the key combined with knowing what to look for and what you’re looking at when it comes to making a document or website better – not only and at all for the search engines but mostly for your users.

SEO Writing
The next SEO skill I’d like to stress is writing. Do you, the up-and-coming SEO know how much writing you have to do to make your SEO campaign a success? As we all know, writing informative articles about our products or services and placing links to our important pages within those articles are conducive to a successful SEO campaign. Those articles not only help from an SEO perspective but they also build traffic as more people share them.

And remember people won’t share your articles unless it’s worth their time and the time of the person they’re sharing with.

Getting Links
Oh the big SEO secret – getting links. Aren’t you glad I told you? Now all you need to do is figure out a way to get links back to your website. Here are 3 ways.

  1. Submit your site to free business directories and bulletin boards
  2. Write articles & press releases with links in them to your website (please use proper anchor text)
  3. Ask for links or write awesome content that compel people to link to you

Technical Skills
This is almost self-explanatory but I’ll sum it up for you. At the very least you need to know how to do technical things like writing decent and validating XHTML and performing such tasks as speeding up your website according to Google’s webmaster guidelines.

Speaking of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, that’s a great place to learn SEO.

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