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The Right Way To Perform Business Directory Submissions

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Posted by Dave Lauretti on October 27, 2011

Business Directory SubmissionsLet us assume right off the top of this article that business directory submissions are actually an effective SEO strategy for building back-links. I mean, they really are but the task is a menial one that almost doesn’t need to be done even though the results of doing so can be quite surprising.

Right Way Directory Submissions

It may seem that doing directory submissions is easy – many people believe all you need to do is purchase decent submission software, setup your accounts and click submit. Well, they’re right in thinking so. To the willy nilly SEO, putting your directory submission software on auto-pilot is the way to go. That’s not so for the meticulous SEO. The meticulous SEO can sense advantages when the present themselves – moral and ethical advantages that they take advantage of.

OK Let’s Get To It!

OK! OK! Aside from the most popular directory submission tip, that of ensuring your automated directory submission software allows you to have multiple title and description fields (in order to your link profile), the next best tip is to try your very best to submit your listings at the top end of the directory categories as possible.

It’s a fact that some pages and websites take longer to show up in Google’s index, especially low-end ones like common link directories. The closer your link is to the first few pages of a directory, the higher the chance of it getting crawled by a search engine spider.

Remember, most directories have multiple categories and sub-categories. Sift through the sub-categories to find out if there is one you can submit your business to. It’s worth a try.

That’s the take home with this article: try to submit your listing to the first category if possible. This means you’re going to pretty much only depend on your submission software’s auto-populate-fields function but the end result is a higher change of your listing getting found. Take it or leave it but think about it just for a minute and feel free to share your thoughts.


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