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It’s a simple fact: if you’re not taking part in the opportunities Social Media has to offer and what it demands of you as a business  owner, you’re leaving your business open to falling by the wayside and losing out to the competition. The problem with Social Media is that too many business owners don’t know what it is, how it can positively affect the bottom line and how to begin. That’s where we come into play. As a Burlington business owner you may have found that your SEO campaigns are doing well and that it’s time you harness the power of Social Media. Rest assured that we’ll not only help your business make it’s mark in the social arena but we’ll also train you in ways to keep your fan base interested and engaged and making sure your product or service is the one they choose over your competitors.

Social media has certainly changed the way we do everything on the web. The way we surf the web, engage with customers, find products and services and express our happiness or dismay at something. It’s created new way of doing business online. With over 900 million users on Facebook, 400 million active mobile users on Twitter and Google+ (just to name a few) slowly but surely coming close to those numbers, there’s obviously no way a business can compete without making it’s presence known on those sites.

What We Do

When it comes to setting up a successful social media campaign, we’ll be performing the following:

  • an in-depth analysis of your site’s presence across the Internet and develop a strategy for launching your social media campaign
  • identify social media networks where your business would benefit from a participation in them
  • create and ultimately train you or your team to manage your own social media profiles in order to to attract visitors, engage them and turn them into loyal fans and future customers
  • configure your website to become connected to pertinent social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+
  • identify which social media opportunities your competitors are taking advantage of and succeeding in and emulating those successes
  • develop a strategy that will generate the extremely positive benefits of using a blog to enhance your social media campaign
  • create accounts at and submit your content to popular bookmarking websites
  • measure the success of these particular campaigns and enhance or revise when needed
  • develop a system that will capture pertinent information about your users and fan-base for future use

Over the past few years, the SEO world has changed to such an extent that social media mentions and interactions play a dramatic role in a website’s rankings in the search engine results. If you’re not link-building and if you’re not making your presence known across the most popular social media websites, you’re most likely going to be left behind.

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