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On-website SEO Optimization

This is the technical part of search engine optimization. One of the steps necessary in any SEO campaign, is to take a look at your website. When it comes to ranking in the search engines, the way your website is setup matters too. We could find that certain code in your website is blocking the search engines from crawling and thus ranking it. It’s possible that there are missing pages, broken links or too many dead or dangling links.

On Website SEO OptimizationThere are virtually hundreds of factors related to the code and configuration that could be hindering your search engine progress.

What We Do

When it comes to on-page search engine optimization, we put your website through a series of tests to determine:

  • it’s crawl-ability (how easy is it for search engines to crawl)
  • how is ranking power (Google Page Rank) dispersed throughout your pages
  • if your code is properly structured and without error
  • if your important keywords are in all the places they should be
  • it’s overall usability (how easy is it for users to use)
  • if there is a relevant amount of page inter-linking
  • your website’s marketability
  • if any pages are missing and how we’ll handle them
  • if any links are going to missing pages
  • and more

As it’s said time and again within the SEO industry, search engine optimization is much more than keywords. To quote a very skilled and articulate SEO in the industry, Rand Fishkin:

Yes, it’s essential to effectively target your keywords in your page titles, headlines (or early in the body copy), URLs, etc. But content analysis has become far more sophisticated with engines “reading” pages almost the way humans do and pattern-matching good content, design, layout and usability. There may even be some elements of on-page analysis that look at the authenticity and passion of the written word (or something that approximates it).

So before we go onto the higher steps of an SEO strategy we must take care of the on-page optimization and get your website “SEO ready”. When the search engines crawl your newly optimized website, we want to know their seeing your relevant content, and in a timely manner and that your users are doing the same.

Anything Else?

Of course. We also configure your website with essential pieces of information that help the search engines log information about the users who visit your website or find your web listing in the search engine results. Configuring your website with this information provides us with reporting tools that prove to be extremely valuable in determining a vast array of factors we use to further enhance your SEO campaign. If something is going wrong with your campaign these reports will help as well. As a Burlington SEO company, we’re quite aware of the large search market share that Google currently possesses so we use their free traffic analyzing software called Google Analytics and their tools for webmasters called Webmaster Tools. We also configure your website in the same fashion for BING Webmaster tools.

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