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Conversion Optimization

Conversion optimization involves taking a close look at key areas of any of your web or search engine campaigns in order to discover whether or not they are “converting well”. A good example is in the search engine results.

A lot of website owners have the complaint that their website is doing great in the search engines but no one is visiting their site. This is quite possibly due to the fact that the title and description Google chooses to display for your listing, isn’t compelling enough to make users click. That click would be a conversion. Among the previously mentioned reasons, there are also means that could be utilized to enhance your listing in the search results One of those strategies is through the use of Rich Snippets. A number of studies have been done by the top search engines that prove Rich Snippets displayed in the search results increase the likelihood of a user clicking on your listing.

Other areas where you could be having a problem with conversions is on your website. Are people landing on your home page and then clicking the back button to go back to the search engine results for another search? Are users navigating to your important contact page where you’d like them to enter their details or signup but leaving that page too?

All these scenarios are examples of how conversion optimization may be needed.

What We Do

Of course you’ll most likely have a list of the pages on your site or places on the web in which your conversions aren’t as high as you’d like them to be. If not we’ll take an in depth look at your website and traffic analytics to determine which pages should be converting and why they aren’t. This also applies to your listings in the search engines results page.

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