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Your Google Profile Page Is Revamped

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Posted by Dave Lauretti on March 4, 2011

If you’re an SEO, web developer or business owner of any kind and have decided to take advantage of Google Buzz and Google profiles in the past you’ll be delighted to know that Google revamped their Google Profile pages – and almost a lot like Facebook. Read below.

For those unaware, as it stands Facebook and it’s social sphere is one of Google’s main competitors and for the last year or so they’ve been trying to launch a product that would be just as flavorful and savory as Facebook and for the most part to no avail.

As it stands, it seems Google is taking another stab at it with their Google Profile update. Now you can upload images from your computer, your profile picture is much larger and in the same area as it is on Facebook, you can hide the Buzz tab, new auto-complete fields in your edit profile area and the about tab is now the default view to visitors.

I’ve been connected with a Google Profile for a few years now and pretty much kept it out of the search engines until today. I enjoy the new look and am looking for more updates in the near future.

Leave your comments below and let me know what you think of the Google Profile service.

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