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Website Sitemaps as a Part of SEO Services

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Posted by Dave Lauretti on December 16, 2009

One major aspect of SEO campaign is to setup a sitemap.xml file that you would place in the root directory of your website which tells the search engines and more specifically Google about all the pages on your site.

Sometimes Google has a hard time finding all your pages especially if there aren’t any links back to those pages. An XML sitemap (usually in the format of sitemap.xml) is just the right file for you. It’s really easy to create and takes only a second to upload to your server.

How do I create my sitemap.xml file?

This is so easy. The first thing you must do is navigate to the following site which allows you to easily create an XML Sitemap.

From there simply add in your website address (URL). The only option you should really concern yourself with is the ‘change frequency’ drop down. I usually set it to weekly as I usually make changes to my websites on a weekly basis. (Content is King when it comes to SEO services)

Finally click submit and in a matter of minutes or less your new sitemap.xml file will be created. From there you will see where you can download it – so go ahead – download your sitemap.

The tricky part

Not really. All you have to do now is upload the sitemap.xml file to the root directory of your website. Within a matter of days Google and other search engines will find your sitemap and get an overview of all the pages in your site.

You could also, if you have a Google Account, log into Google Webmaster Tools and if you have already submitted your website, submit your newly create sitemap.xml file and Google will pick it up in a matter of hours.

How does my sitemap work with SEO Services?

Good question. Basically and as mentioned, the sitemap helps the search engines and specifically Google find your pages. The more easier it is for Google to find your pages or know they exist the more chances your website get at being crawled by Google, indexed and the ability to rank higher will be substantially increased.

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