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WordPress Coding

Are you looking for a WordPress coder in Burlington, Ontario or somewhere else in the GTA? If so you’ve visited the right place. Rank Central has a team of WordPress coders that have been working with WordPress websites and templates for a combined 20 years.

As you may or may not know, WordPress is one of the most utilized blogging platforms out there. It’s not only a fantastic solution to your article writing, promotion and blogging needs but it can also be implemented as an entire website with the option to activate the blogging aspect of it. Page creation is easy and there’s virtually no need to know HTML or programming.

Why Use WordPress As A Website?

Businesses in and around Burlington can take advantage of the myriad features that a WordPress website provides. WordPress is not only a blogging platform anymore, but instead it can be used as a full-fledged website offering the following features:

  • WordPress is a great platform for creating original and new content with links to your website
  • You or your team can write or create new content and pages without using an HTML editor
  • You or your team can upload images and videos without knowing HTML
  • Ability to change your newly created themes (templates) with a few clicks (all content remains the same)
  • Ability to use the vast array of WordPress plugins to make your website more social and functional
  • Easy ability to backup your entire site, posts, comments, settings and pages
  • WordPress offers a rich set of website, SEO and Social Media features (usually all free)
  • Takes less time to add new functionality or features than regular coded websites do
  • The ability to allow your users and fan-base to engage with your content, leave comments and praise your products or services
  • Can be used for Ecommerce
  • Create easy registrations and signup forms.
  • Password protected logins for all your users or employees
  • WordPress is very easy to learn and teach to your users and employees
  • Great for enhancing your Search Engine Optimization (SEO services) campaigns
  • Easy connections with Social Media sites like Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter
  • It’s free!

That’s just a minor list. There’s actually so many more benefits to using a WordPress install as a website. One of the major reasons has to do with search marketing and search engine optimization.

Search Engines Like Content

One thing we know for sure about search engines is that they like content. To search engines, content gives them a resource where they can determine what your pages, products or services are about. It’s an accepted notion that websites enhanced by WordPress actually do much easier in the search engines and ranking. Even Google has explicitly indicated that websites powered by WordPress do much better in the search engine results pages. In the end, with a WordPress website you can’t go wrong.

Users Like Content

WordPress can be easily customized with a pack of free social media plugins. In this age of the Internet, social media has become a major force connected to Internet Marketing. The fact is: if you’re not connected to social media, engaging your customers with great content, keeping them informed about your products or services – all through the most successful social media playgrounds like Twitter and Facebook – your competitors are and you’re losing potential customers every day.

To sum it up, WordPress has it all

If you’re a business owner in Burlington Ontario or nearby within the GTA feel free to contact us today with any other questions you may have about WordPress and it’s benefits. We’d be happy to hear from you.

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