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The SEO Benefits Of Creating an XML Video Sitemap File

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Posted by Dave Lauretti on October 17, 2012

Creating an XML video sitemap is a great idea if you have videos on your website. The videos don’t have to be hosted on your website either. You can also gain the benefits of an XML video sitemap if you embed videos on your website as well – and it’s easy.

So what are the benefits?

The benefits of an XML video sitemap are simple and clear – your video has a better chance of being discovered and appearing in the search results. Google, through their online representative for the SEO world, has explicitly said that they’re “putting more weight on video sitemaps going forward…and into the future”.

Google’s goal in the case of videos, is to ensure they can find all videos across the web and in return for facilitating this endeavour, they’re basically telling us that we’ll see a return for our work. In other words, our videos or pages showing up more predominantly in the search results. That’s my take but you can watch the video below and read into Matt’s statement as you will.

How do you create a video XML sitemap?

It’s actually really easy. Head on to our free XML video sitemap generator page and start creating your sitemap yourself. If you’re not that snazzy at the technical side of things, send this page to your web designer or SEO and they’ll be glad to do it for you.

Update! We’ve just created a video sitemap generator for Facebook and Vimeo videos too! Head on over to our free XML Facebook video sitemap generator and make sure to share it with your friends and colleagues.

OK I did that, now what do I do with my sitemap?

Ok so now that you’ve generated your XML sitemap for videos, simply copy and paste the code you see, into a blank XML file (you could name a text file ‘video-sitemap.xml’), save it and upload it to the root directory of your server. From there go to your sitemap settings in Google Webmaster Tools and add your new sitemap there.

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