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Be Preemptive, Start Your Graph Search SEO Now

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Posted by Dave Lauretti on January 16, 2013

After all the hype today related to Facebook’s new Graph Search combined with tons of speculation by the SEO community as to how SEO for Graph Search will work in conjunction with the Open Graph, I feel it’s important that I give you a preemptive guide that will show you how to get your website ready for the day Graph Search takes into consideration Open Graph data.

What does “Graph Search takes into consideration Open Graph data” mean?

According to an article on ZDNet, Facebook says that as Graph Search starts rolling out, it won’t do so in conjunction with the Open Graph and their partners. The data injected into the Open Graph through Likes, Shares and comments on Websites that contain Open Graph objects, won’t contribute to Graph Search results.

Start Your Graph Search SEO TodayBut as is stated on Facebook’s website regarding Open Graph social plugins “Social plugins let you see what your friends have liked, commented on or shared on sites across the web.” That’s the data we’re talking about and the data that Graph Search won’t be using to rank “pages” in their Graph Search results.

However, with so much of Facebook’s platform being run and intertwined with the Open Graph we can safely assume a time will come, in the very near future when the data will be used to rank business pages hosted on Facebook.

That’s where SEO for Graph Search will come into play.

So What Can We Do To Get Started On Graph Search SEO?

There are three very important tasks you need to take care of that will ensure your pages are ready to contribute engagement data to Graph Search in the future and they are:

Open Graph Meta Tags

By implementing Open Graph meta tags on all your pages, you essentially set up your pages in such a way that gives you much more control of how your content looks as it’s shared across Facebook’s network or any network that utilizes the Open Graph.

Once your tags are in, the first part of your SEO for Graph Search task is complete. Make sure to follow the instructions at the link I provided and get the right data into the right tags.

Open Graph Social Plugins

This is the important step to getting ready for SEO and the Graph Search because the data that is obtained by the Open Graph through the engagement by users of your plugins, combined with the correlation between your business page or site and your Facebook business page, will eventually be used to rank said pages.

In other words, when someone likes or comments on your content through these Facebook Open Graph plugins, the engagement data will eventually be used to rank your Facebook business page in the Graph Search results.

So, visit the link to the plugins above and start getting your code in place. If you don’t know how, hire a developer or SEO. You’ll probably want to hire an SEO to do this because you want to make sure the testing is done right.

Optimize Your Facebook Business Page

This step is crucial. What you need to do is make a complete and clear association with your website and your Facebook business page. The way to do this is by:

  1. making sure your address information is complete and accurate
  2. add a link to your website
  3. set a vanity URL for your Facebook page
  4. ensure your business category is accurate
  5. provide as much details as you can in the fields Facebook provides you for your business
  6. continue to publish the greatest content to be shared on your Facebook business page

The last point is not only good for SEO because search engines actually pick up on that information, but doing so will increase the popularity of your page. That leads to more engagement and thus a positive contribution for your website to the factors that are used for ranking business pages on Graph Search.

To be frank with you, setting up your website the way I described above isn’t new but now it’s more crucial that they are implemented because people won’t only be searching the popular search engines anymore for business products or services, they’ll be searching for them right there in Facebook where all your competitors are.


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