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Traffic & Ranking Reporting

As a part of our Burlington SEO services we provide traffic and ranking reports in order to enable you to determine the value of the services we offer and how your website is progressing in the search results. These reports also help us determine if our strategies are working or whether we need to make any changes or adjustments. These reports are taken before we launch any of our campaigns in order to measure their success after the work has started.

What we do

Before we progress with any SEO campaign we perform keyword research with respect to your business and services. We discover keywords that are most searched for in your industry and the least searched for and we compile an extensive list of keywords to start working with. At this stage we also put together a bench-mark ranking report which will give you an overview of your rankings before we start our campaign. From there we will be providing you with updated rankings reports approximately every two weeks.

Before you commit

You may simply want to know your current rankings before you make an commitments and we fully understand that. With that in mind, we’re offering free ranking reports for interested parties. Simply click here for your free SEO ranking report, enter your details and your report will be emailed to you within a few days.

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