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Telephone SEO Services

If you’re looking for a solution to one of your problems related to SEO or Internet marketing and don’t want to pay the price of a campaign get involved in a contract, Telephone SEO services could be right for you.

Telephone SEO services (Tele SEO) is a new service that makes sense for the business owner or SEO who’s in need of some quick and cheap advise from a trusted and proven SEO.

The service is simple. You pick up the phone and give us a call and for a reasonable hourly rate, you can bring all your questions and ideas to the table and have an SEO address them for you.

Why Do We Offer Telephone SEO?

It’s simple. We’re quite aware that some issues related to search engine optimization only really need a few general fixes to rectify. For instance you’re website could have been ranking high in the search results for many years and suddenly dropped a few spots or even to the second page of Google. With an hour of examining your website, we could discover any number of reasons why this could have happened.

  1. maybe you’ve accidentally blocked the search engines from viewing your website
  2. maybe there’s an error on your site that is blocking the search engines but not your users from your website
  3. maybe you’ve done something that is against Google’s Search Quality Terms and Conditions
  4. maybe you’ve added a link to your site that drains all your page-rank or directs users to another website
  5. you want your in-house SEO to gain some knowledge and experience
  6. maybe your off-line SEO practices are in need of troubleshooting
  7. you have some simple questions and would like direction on where to go or what to do next with your SEO campaign

Now why would you want to spend a lot of money and sign a contract when all you need is a simple fix and another set of eyes to look at your problem? SEOs help each other like this all the time!

Although there are times where there just is no replacement for a full-fledged SEO campaign, there definitely are cases when an hour long conversation with proven SEO could definitely help you and save you a lot of money. The truth of the matter is, some websites will always do great in the search engines without having to do much SEO but in those same cases problems could arise.

Our telephone SEO services are priced at $45.00 per hour and if you find that a conversation with an SEO is all you need to get your website back in order, give us a call today!

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