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Page Speed Optimization

Over the past few years, the page-loading speed of a website has become a search engine ranking factor and Burlington SEOs have taken this announcement seriously. In a nut-shell, if you’re website loads fast there is a chance it could be ranked up higher in the search results than the other websites. The biggest search engine in the world Google, has even released information and provided tools that can help webmasters and SEOs enhance the speed of their websites all in an attempt to ensure  from the search engines.

What Could Be Slowing Down My Website?

There are several factors that could be slowing down your site. Large images, too many images, too many file requests from the server, multimedia overuse, a cluttered database and sloppy website code are just some of the factors that slow down a website. We examine the time it takes for your webpages to load, find the reasons and make the corrections. We will log the load times, determine which solutions will be needed to increased load-speed and providing you with our recommendations.

What Do We Do?

The Page Speed Optimization SEO service is considered an aspect of On-page SEO because it does involve working directly on your site but because the potential depth of each project can vary dramatically, we like to consider the possibility of separating page speed optimization into it’s own service. In short, Google is obsessed with speed and when it comes to SEO services so are we.

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