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When it comes to the search engines and more especially with Google, links to your website are akin to votes. With every link you get pointing to your home page or internal pages, you can consider that a vote from the website that’s linking to you. These days especially with the dramatic changes in the search engine environment, if no one is linking to your website or talking about it, your most likely to fall to the higher pages in the search results or not even be on the map. Simply put, you need links.

Link building is an aspect of SEO that involves many facets and doesn’t always appear to be link-building. One way of building links is through press releases and at the same time this strategy also creates a timely buzz about your business product or services. You can also build links through article writing and blogging which is another way of gaining links and also building yourself up as an authority on your topic (product or service). There’s also the strategy of using social media to build links to your website. There are hundreds of way and the following is a list of some of the strategies we can utilize.

  • start an event and invite people
  • write an extensive article on your subject with a link or two to your website (product or service or industry) and submit it to a popular article directory
  • start a contest
  • create an page about your business
  • start a great contest
  • link to other related articles on your product, service or industry from your articles
  • write a tutorial with links to your website and submit it to a tutorial website related to your product, service or industry
  • ask for a link from someone in your geographical area with services similar to but not exactly like yours
  • make truthful, helpful and sincere comments on blog posts related to your products, service or industry

There are two aspects to link-building to consider. One is that most of the above list involves getting links from other people based on merit or amazing-ability. The other method involves creating your own links by submitting your content to other web properties across the web like article directories, blogging websites, social media websites and book-marketing websites.

Link-building is hard work but it’s quite necessary and we’re more than happy to take care of this aspect of your SEO strategies for you.

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