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Keyword Research

Before you get started with any SEO strategy, you need to plan your attack first. One of the best places to begin an SEO campaign is through keyword dating-mining and keyword research.

Most business website owners believe they only need to compete with 1 to 5 keywords. This definitely is never the case. Usually after a few hours of doing keyword research, your SEO will find that there’s a much greater number of keywords you could and should be competing for. This list will include keywords that are searched the most and are the most competitive in your industry and also contain keyword searches that aren’t searched as much as the high volume searches but are important searches to compete for nonetheless.

 What We Do

During our initial discussion, we’ll be able to determine your main set of keywords that you’ll be competing for. From there we research those keywords to discover other related search terms and add them to your keyword list. From there we refine your keyword list according to what your business provides and remove unnecessary and categorize the remaining. We then provide you with the refined keyword list and explain our next strategy according to the data we find.

Below is an example of the type of information we would be researching related to keywords. The information in the table below is fictitious and please note the reason for this type of research is in order to spend our time on keywords that actually drive traffic to your website rather than focusing on terms that may not be as valuable.

Keyword Monthly Searchers
toronto internet marketing 5,400
toronto seo services 1600
hamilton seo services 73
mississauga seo services 36
gta internet marketing 16

As you can see from the list above, the Toronto or GTA related keyword research would indicate that more people are searching for Toronto Internet Marketing than they are for GTA Internet Marketing. This means our energy and time should initially be directed towards competing for the former and to save the lower searched for terms for the latter part of our work. This keyword assessment is done in all industries.

Keyword research is a necessary step with search engine optimization; it helps organize the campaign, helps us to set goals and gives us a qualified set of keywords worth competing for. As an example, if you’re an internet marketer or SEO in Burlington, you’re probably not going to want the keywords “internet marketing brampton” in your keyword list as only 28 people search that term a month. It would be a waste of your time and money. That’s why keyword research is a very important first step in the SEO process.

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