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Would you like to find out how your website is ranking in the search engines? Rank Central is happy to provide you with a free website ranking report. With your report you make a determination as to how your website is doing in the search engines and whether SEO services are something you currently need or would like to dabble in.

Need to know information about keywords and rankings

Many business owners who have a website are not aware of the many number of keyword search variations that can potentially exist within their niche market. What we usually find after we perform our keyword research is that 5 related keywords can turn into a list of over a hundred different variations. This shows why keyword research is an important aspect of SEO even if you have your own list. A fuller list helps us determine your website’s overall strength related to your keywords and informs us as to which areas we need to help your website improve in. Your website could be ranking well for let’s say 10 keywords but:

  • are those keywords you’re ranking for the top searched terms performed each month or are they terms that are search infrequently?
  • would you rather your website be ranking competitively for 80+ keyword searches or only 10 to 20?

The more searches your website is found for on the first page of Google, the more traffic you’ll get and of course you’ll get more leads and more sales. With a ranking report you’ll be able to see the keyword areas your website will need to improve in and the areas where your website is doing well.

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