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Posted by Dave Lauretti on February 10, 2010

As all web designers, graphic designers, web marketers and SEOs know, the nature of the web is always changing and being up to date with the times, trends and growing technologies is of the utmost importance. This natural pattern so aptly applies to these times when it comes to the web and the growing support and implementation of RDFa, Rich Snippets and Microformats.

I was reminded of this simple fact of web-life while spending some time working with a great web design company in Hamilton, SynergyPro Solutions.  I came across a few articles regarding rich snippets and RDFa and at first shunned any future research into the framework. I didn’t even know it was a framework and because I was so busy with other SEO services that were on my plate I wanted to simply ignore the growing popularity of RDFa and it’s necessity when it comes to SEO services. But as usual curiosity got the best of me and after a little research into RDFa & Rich Snipperts, I was compelled to post a simple question at a very popular web business help forum: have you implemented RDFa into your web work. The response was enlightening and proved to me that there are a lot of SEOs who are ahead of the game and keeping up with new technologies and new frameworks – especially if they compliment SEO services.

Now not only have I worked with several web design and SEO firms in the GTA but I’ve recently spoken to a few of the owners of these firms and asked them what their stance is on RDFa. I won’t name any of these firms just yet but I will say to my amazement out of the 4 in the area that I spoke with, not one of them new the RDFa existed. I didn’t press the issue any further but I was able to conclude that the RDFa framework won’t be taking off here in Ontario any time in the future.

Are you an SEO staying ahead of the time?

As posted in my previous article about SEO services and the RDFa working together you can clearly see how Google and Yahoo are taking search results to a new level. The only snag most SEO companies find is that the news of Google and Yahoo showing rich snippets in the search results wasn’t big news. The changes and additions to the search results seemed to have changed slowly and behind the scenes.

My advice: If you are an SEO start digging your head into RDFa and try to get your head around it as quickly as possible. Although there isn’t a flood of information about RDFa to be had on the internet just yet be patience and dig deep because it’s out there – you’ll just have to look for it.

If you offer SEO or web design services in Burlington or the rest of the GTA jump on RDFa as soon as possible. You’ll thank me for compelling you and your clients will surely thank you too in the next 10 years as the RDFa grows and most likely becomes a standard in the world or SEO.

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