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Questions You Need To Ask Your In-House SEO & SEM Specialist Now

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Posted by Dave Lauretti on February 22, 2010

It’s a plain and simple fact that there are hundreds of in-house SEO workers who could do well with a little reminder of some of their important tasks when it comes to SEO services. Sometimes an SEO will possess outdated or old concepts and while their superiors have no clue as how their website’s rankings could substantially improve with a little boost in the form of a back-to-the-basics SEO Campaign. The work of SEO  can be very time sensitive and unless you’re constantly doing your job your employer is bound to find someone else to do the service.

If you’re a business owner, and you’ve stumbled across this article you may want to note the following questions and bring your resident SEO in for a meeting – again just as a reminder and as an invitation to take a little break from the norm and surf the net to discover new ways of raising your rankings, increasing traffic and getting your brand out there.

Do we have a Google Account?

Since Google is the most used search engine on the planet it’s important to get in good with them and as early as possible. By registering your site with Google Webmaster Tools you are able to customize your website settings, submit your XML sitemap and also browse various statistics related to your website like search terms your site is being listed for and clicked on. Registering your website with Google Webmaster Tools doesn’t necessarily enhance your rankings in the search engines per say, but it does help Google understand your site more accurately in various ways and that is where the possibility of a ranking or traffic increase can occur.

When was the last time we updated our XML sitemap?

As we know an XML sitemap helps tell the search engines how many and which pages are contained within your website. Many websites have new content added to their website daily, weekly or even monthly. Submitting a new sitemap on a monthly basis could end up being a productive practice as you want to make sure the search engines know your content is available.

Was the last time you worked on link-building less than a month ago?

We all know link-building is a vital necessity to building more traffic and increasing your rankings in the search engines. Our competitors are doing it – are they above us in the results? Taking out time to link build at least a few times a month is an important job to remember as doing so keeps our sites busy and fresh – something the search engines like and prefer.

Have we discovered new ways of optimizing our client sites? If so are we implementing them?

When it comes to SEO we all know you can’t get enough of it. There’s virtually no end to a good old SEO job. It’s important for an SEO to always strive to keep updated with new products, services, plugins, and technologies that will enhance their current game-plan. It might be time for your SEO to visit the forums he frequents and see if there’s anything new going on in the land of search. There’s always something new out there and it’s good to encourage your SEO to get out there and surf – do a little research in new ways of handling the job.

Have we research and discovered any new ways of increasing click-through rates and conversions?

Are you running an ads campaign with your SEO behind the wheel? Is his work-load too much that he hasn’t time to go in at least once a month and research how your ads are performing? A seasoned SEO knows that it’s always beneficial to tweak your ads. Competitors try new things and succeed and there comes a time when you have to as well. Get your SEO back into your ads account, tweak your messages and try for more conversions. That is why you hired your SEO in the first place right?

The moral of the story is give your SEO the time he or she needs to research and perform the mundane tasks of the service. Many SEOs get tied up in taking care of the firms web design services so it’s important to remember that the game of SEO is virtually never ending.

In order to maintain traffic and keep bubbling at the top of the search engines you need your SEO to continue to learn, explore, research and enhance his or her skills in the practice.

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