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Google’s Personal Blocklist Will Not Hurt Your Rankings

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Posted by Dave Lauretti on February 20, 2011

A lot of people practicing SEO in Canada are making a huff about Google’s Personal Blocklist plugin – making claims that evil competitors can destroy business owner’s rankings in the search engines which is a completely uninformed claim.

Click here to get to the bottom line and dispel the myth that competitors can ruin our rankings with the Google Personal Blocklist plugin.

Think like Google for a minute. Actually, think like a business. Your main interest is to satisfy your customers so they keep coming back. We can safely say that that is Google’s main intention and that’s why they’re continually taking a hard line against spam – spam and not legitimate businesses like yours.

As we know a lot of SEOs are talking about the plugin and making claims that business are in big trouble because they believe that with Personal Blocklist our competitors can dig our rankings into the dirt. Not true, read on.

Let’s list out the facts about Google’s new plugin called Personal Blocklist right from their announcement:

  1. First sentence: We’ve been exploring different algorithms to detect content farms
  2. Personal Blocklist primarily deals with “shallow or low-quality content”
  3. Personal Blocklist is “experimental”
  4. Google will be studying the resulting feedback
  5. Personal Blocklist is primarily aimed at “tech-savvy Chrome users”
  6. Google will thereafter (NOT NOW!) “explore using it as a potential ranking signal for our search results”

Google hasn’t even obtained enough user data to put together a first report! Get it?

Let me elaborate on those points for you:

We’ve been exploring different algorithms to detect content farms

Regular users aren’t quite able to detect content farms, but “tech savvy users and SEOs like ourselves are. Also, the plugin is clearly aimed at tech savvy SEOs who do know what content farms are and we are encouraged to block them (thus report them) to wit the data will then be examined. When the Google examiners see that the unethical SEO is blocking content that is NOT a part of a content farm, well, what will that say about that SEO? And what will happen to the site that was blocked? Nothing  – business as usual as the site will have been deemed not to be a content farm.

How will the data from the Personal Blocklist plugin be used in the SERPs?

Once enough data is accumulated and enough sites are declared low quality content farms they will receive their just due. The main reason Google released this plugin is so the tech savvy SEO could help Google identify content farms and enhance their ranking algorithm to detect such content – even though it’s extremely hard to do without ruining the rankings of legitimate businesses. Catch 22 and that’s why Google is asking us to assist them by installing the plugin.

Who should worry about the Personal Blocklist?

Spammers and content farms. Legitimate businesses with legitimate websites can rest in peace now. And so can the up and coming SEOs. Google is a multi-billion dollar industry that has spent millions in their search algorithm so what makes us think they’d suddenly hand over the reigns to it’s users? As I said, it’s for the tech savvy SEO who’s ethical – the unethical SEO who cheats the system will be exposed.

The bottom line about the Personal Blocklist plugin

The bottom line is competitors cannot hurt your rankings and Google would not allow that to happen. Enjoy the rest of your day and Enjoy your Personal Blocklist!

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