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Google Is Pouncing On Certain SEO Service Companies

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Posted by Dave Lauretti on June 2, 2010

While working SEO services in Hamilton over the past year I discovered a lot of hype going around the Internet related to the dismay companies are experiencing with SEO firms that aren’t listening to Webmaster Guidelines. It now seems that with the roll-out of Caffeine combined with the lack of knowledge of local SEOs, Burlington, Oakville and Hamilton SEO service companies are seeing their client sites lose their rankings and have even dropped in PageRank. What is page-rank? Basically,  PageRank is the metric that sets Google apart from other search engines.

According to an article from the Search Engine Roundtable, 43% Of SEOs claim traffic has gone down since the Google update:

Some are reporting that the new design is sending fewer referrals and less traffic to their web site. Now, that can be a huge deal for a site that gets a lot of traffic from organic Google search results. Back then, the report came from WebmasterWorld, yes a thread but also the site said they are suffering with the new design. So I decided to see if it is widespread or specific to WebmasterWorld.

There was also a nice video post from Matt Cutts about the May Day Update in case you weren’t aware that there was one.

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