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Finding Local Twitter Followers To Follow

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Posted by Dave Lauretti on November 14, 2011

Finding Local Twitters Members To FollowWe all know the benefit of Twitter by now, especially if it’s used right. When it comes to Internet marketing and social media working, if you have something decent to offer, there’s no shame in finding and following people in your area and letting them hear the news of your product or service – although subtlety and not at all by being too pushy.

So, how do you find Twitter users in your area? Should you use Google? You don’t really need to.

The Tip To Finding Local Twitter Followers

OK I’ll just get to the point. Finding local Twitter is easy and the following are two examples of ways you can find Twitter users who live in your geographical location or that of your client.

Search Twitter

The first tip simply involves searching Twitter (or your favorite search engine) for locals using “twitter, city-name, state/province”.

With that search you’ll most likely find the official Twitter page for that locality if the city or region has created one. Once you find it you’ll notice that most of the followers are in your area. Start following them. My advice would to do so casually though. Don’t rush off and add everyone. There are many signals that indicate unnatural behaviour on the web and you don’t want to get blacklisted in any way. Be natural, act natural and naturally build your following with meaningful interactions. The extra effort will pay off in various ways including positively building your reputation and positioning you as an expert in your field.

Create a Hash Tag And Click It

You can also make a temporary post with a hash tag before your city name such as #toronto. You notice pages of Tweets related to the city, mostly by those that live in the city. From there, do your following.

So that’s it. Follow the people who are following the official Twitter page of your local area/region/town and province. If they people you follow appreciate your goods and services they’ll follow you too!

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