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This category is dedicated to providing tips related to web design and development from a basic to advanced level.

Here’s Help With jQuery, Submit Form, Stay On Page and Close Form Div

Not a problem because I’ve got your back. I’ve scoured a few web pages and found the perfect, and simple script that will use jQuery to submit a form, close the form, and stay on the page. The very simple code The code is below. You’ll see each section: the jQuery, and the form code. […]

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Important Info – The Reason Your Site Should Be Mobile Responsive

Having a responsive website tops the list of most important factors necessary to having a successful online business; there is no question about this whatsoever. As of March 2014, from 30% to 70% can be attributed to be mobile users visiting a website and statistics prove, that when a mobile user visits your website and […]

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Get Your Webmaster To Check For 404s

It doesn’t always happen, but it does sometimes – right after we decide to check the status of our websites in Google’s Webmaster tools, we find crawl errors and more specifically the dreaded 404 Page Not Found errors, and we don’t like it. Search Engines Don’t Like 404 Errors Either If you don’t know why […]

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Dynamic Year Copyright Date For PHP

This post is mainly for me. I don’t memorize much PHP code so from time to time I have to search the net. In this case I’m going to post the code needed for a dymanic year – meaning the year changes automatically as each year passes – this is mainly, in my case for […]

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Web Design: Amazing Color Palette Generator

There are probably hundreds of color palette generators out there on the internet but this color palette generator, in my opinion takes the cake. The procedure is simple: you add into the URL box the URL of any image on the web and click the Palettify button and a few seconds later you will see […]

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