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Burlington SEO Service Providers Bracing For Change

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Posted by Dave Lauretti on December 2, 2010

Over a year ago I introduced to the owners of a few companies that offer SEO services in Burlington and the Halton area the idea of using social media – not to help in your SEO efforts, but as a lucrative way of raising brand awareness and connection with customers – you know the usual. But in the back of my mind I always believed that although the links on most of our social sites (Facebook, Twitter) are nofollow links, that those said links would still be quite valuable.

Many local SEO’s I spoke with argued that social websites were useless for ‘real businesses’ but I didn’t care nor did I listen. I followed my gut when it told me that although the links are indeed not followed by the search engines (because they are blocked in the link code) the anchor text within those links still substantiate the meaning or definition of the content on the page it is linking to.

I kept that to myself and let the others sift through the noise. Eventually it became clear that to have a strong online social presence would indeed benefit one’s website in search – Google’s Real Time Search Results, Twitter updates and a stronger presence of Facebook Fan pages.

Web design companies in Burlington and the GTA had to change their game up to about 8 years ago when SEO came onto the scene and now SEO companies in Burlington and the the GTA need to change their game again. It’s not longer about optimizing a website for the search engines but instead it’s about providing decent content and information about different aspects of your services to a group of people who are willing to listen – your Facebook, Twitter and other social website followers.

I’ll see you all in the new year and be good!!

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