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3 Graph Search SEO Tips For Websites

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Posted by Dave Lauretti on January 19, 2013

In this article you’ll find tips on Graph Search SEO for websites, that will help your Facebook business listings in their Graph Search results.

When it comes to businesses on Facebook, the future is, in my professional opinion, Graph Search SEO. I’m labelling this as Graph Search SEO because the strategy will involve a way of ranking Facebook business pages in the Graph Search results based on user engagement on the same business’s web pages.

Open Graph Data and User Engagement

These Graph Search SEO tips will involve implementing Open Graph widgets like the Facebook Like button, the Recommend box, the Comment plugin and few other ones on your website.

By doing so, you will be providing Facebook access to information as to how users engage with your website and content. If your website address is connected to your Facebook business page, this engagement data will be used to rank your business pages in Graph Search results. Let’s get stared.

Graph Search SEO Tip #1 – Ensure Your Facebook Business Page Contains Accurate Business Information

The first tip will be the generic set of tips you’re finding all over the Internet if you search for Graph Search SEO or something similar to that. These tips are as follows:

  1. directly from Facebook – make sure your Facebook business page is complete and up to date
  2. ensure your business name is accurate
  3. ensure your contact information is accurate
  4. make sure your business address information is filled out
  5. attract the right fans to your Facebook business page (in my opinion this is a warning to not purchase Likes)

Graph Search SEO Tip #2 – Make Sure To Add Facebook’s Social Plugins To Your Website

Now remember, this Graph Search SEO tip isn’t proven yet. It’s not proven to work and Graph Search hasn’t launched yet so there’s no way of testing this. This is speculative and a preemptive move.

Even if installing Facebook’s social plugins on your website doesn’t contribute to positive search results of your Facebook business page in the Graph Search results, you’ll still be giving your users the means to easily share and comment on your content.

As you probably know, allowing your users to engage your content actually helps build your brand’s popularity because engagement on a website through Facebook’s social plugins exposes your website to the eyes of your users friends and following on Facebook. It’s a win win either way you look at it.

Here’s how you set your website up with Social Plugins from Facebook

if you don’t know HTML, speak with your developer or SEO and get them to:

  1. Visit this page and install at least 2 of the plugins:
  2. my suggestion is to install the Facebook comment box to display after your content
  3. install the Facebook Like button before your content
  4. Install the Recommend box

Even though these tips are directed towards optimizing your Facebook business page for Graph Search results, implementing Facebook’s social plugins on your website will also help you in organic search especially if your users engage your content.

Google isn’t left out in the cold when it comes to user engagement and in fact, engagement is a ranking factor in the organic search results – engagement on social sites like Google+, Twitter and Facebook pages.

Graph Search SEO Tip #3 – Add Open Graph Meta Tags To Your Website

Facebook (and other social websites) read Open Graph meta tags that are placed in the code of your website. If you have Open Graph meta tags coded into your website, and have shared your content on Facebook you’ll see how Facebook uses the information in those tags and displays a nice snippet of your sites content.

If you didn’t know, there are a set of Open Graph meta tags related to business location and contact information. These are tags that you can place on the About or Contact/Map page of your website. Here too, ensure your information is accurate and in line with the information on your Facebook business page and don’t be afraid to share these pages on Facebook too.

Although it’s not advised to place Facebook’s social plugins on every page of your website, placing them on the About or Contact page is fine to do, and not considered going over-board.

Why this may help: this may help substantiate your business’s physical address with Facebook. Like Google, if Facebook can determine your geographical location accurately, combined with obtaining data based on user engagement, they can and most likely will use that information as a measurement of ranking your Facebook business page in the Graph Search results.

The Take Away

Do yourself a favour and get on to implementing the above tips before your competitors do. The Facebook social plugins have been here for a while but now there’s a potential SEO spin to using them.

It’s easy to do and takes only minutes but in a very short time we could reap real benefits of using them and possibly out-rank our fellow competitors who are advertising on Facebook too.



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